Sunday, September 6, 2009

new and exciting.

so a few months ago I switched from digital printing to press printed. omg.. what a difference. i am also using a new company and they are amazing.. they have gorgeous papers like art watercolor, art linen, art recycled, pearl, and they can also come with a UV coating. Even more exciting.. everything comes double sided and I am also offering tri-fold, accordian, and other fun products!! I am currently trying to get all my holiday samples finished and can't wait to post them.

when ordering birth announcements, if you'd like, they can now have a small collage of images on the back side. i love announcements which have just one picture on the front, looks clean and simple. everyone always loves to show off their babies so I thought this was a great idea(thanks karina. ha.)! here's a sample.

and some other designs i did this week..

oh and i almost forgot to announce the winner from last weeks giveaway!!
aundrea steed!!


Aundrea and Spencer said...

I won really?! Yea! Thank you so much! How do I get this cute headband?

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