Friday, June 26, 2009


i am 100% a do it myself kinda girl. i'd much rather find a treasure at a thrift store and make it fancy than buy something already beautiful. some of my hoping to DIM projects in my future...

vintage flour and sugar sacks make great laundry bags and keep the clothes off the floor, which just happens to be my problem.

these quilted note cards will most likely be my first DIM project. im a sucker for stationary and these look easy enough.

paper silhouettes. these will be nothing but darling to have of the boys.

homemade pendant lamp. i love this. made with a beach ball, string, starch and glue. but honestly.. im dying over the ornate frame against the wall.

ruffle necklace. im not a big jewelry person but for some reason i can't stop imagining this around my neck.

lastly my favorite. the wallpaper headboard. seriously so easy. a salvaged headboard and some fancy wallpaper. my room needs this. bad.


Jordan said...

Simply put- you're amazing. I know you'll be able to do them all and they'll look better than if you'd bought them at the store!

When you do the paper silhouettes call me! My grandma had these of her 4 boys and I have always LOVED them! I want some for myself.

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